The Nosebleed Section

11 Feb

Living in Vancouver, you’d be hard pressed to pass up the awesome amount of concerts that roll through this city. The latest one on my palette was (yet another) Australian hip-hop group, the Hilltop Hoods. These guys are probably the most famous in the Australian hip-hop scene and downright deserve it.

First off, the concert was at The Venue, a club on Granville Street. It was actually a pretty sweet venue, lots of places to buy expensive drinks and get even more intoxicated. Me and my friends managed to slip our way to the front early on, establishing our spot in “the nosebleed section”.

The opening act was actually pretty good, some local hip-hop group called Okay City. But they were nothing compared to what Hilltop brought to the table. The moment they came on the crowded venue exploded, jumping, cheering and just getting crazy. What I particularly liked was that they sounded exactly like they do on their albums, which a lot of the time you don’t see with live performances. Songs like Super Official, Nosebleed Section, The Hard Road and Clown Prince were just a few from their epic 1 and a half hour set, not to mention an awesome three song encore.

Afterwards, the crowd dispersed and showed the disaster zone that was the floor, cups and alcohol everywhere, oh well, that’s what you get haha. Funnily enough, it was the birthday of a friend of mine, after the concert he disappeared, somehow he managed to get backstage and had a few beers with Hilltop Hoods. That’d be a good birthday for sure. Overall all I can say is “what a great night”!


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