Album of the Week: Feb. 22

22 Feb


So we’re yet another week into this olympic craziness and as always I’ve got my favourite album of the week to toss out there for y’all to check out. This week I’ve chosen Milkman’s Circle of Fifths. After four mostly intoxicated days in Tofino over on the west coast of Vancouver Island this album was a constant repeat for me and my friends. The music style is similar to Girl Talk, going with the idea of mashing a bunch of songs together to make some really awesome beats.

This album in particular is above and beyond what other mashup artists are pulling off simply because he’s using such a wide variety of songs from all different types of genres and not using primarily mainstream music. Songs like Rap Music is Beneath Me, which blends things like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre with an acoustic background, and Heart to Heart, which puts together the raps of Tupac with a ukelele backdrop.

So if you’re a fan of Girl Talk and all that mashup style music I definitely recommend giving Milkman a listen. This guy is one to look out for in the future.


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