Album of the Week: March 8

8 Mar

Alrighty, yet another week has gone by, getting close to the end of this blog thing, or who knows, maybe I’ll keep on doing it afterwards. Anyways, this week I thought of what album I think the world, or at least the CAP crew, needs to be aware of and I landed on one album from a particular DJ duo from the lil’ ol’ city of Montreal. If you don’t know who Chromeo is, shame on you haha, and if you do you probably know how awesome they are. Dubbed by themselves as “the only successful Jewish/Arab partnership since the dawn of human culture.” Successful is damn right, cause if you’ve listened to either of their two albums you’ll love ’em.

Their second album, Fancy Footwork, is one of my favourite albums of all time mostly because they blend new electronic sounds with the awesome, or not so awesome in some cases, sounds of the 80s. What they produce are really catchy beats with hilarious and sometimes sexually awkward lyrics that’ll keep you listening. A few songs in particular really stand out but the album overall is spectacular. I recommend listening to Tenderoni, Call Me Up, Bonafied Lovin’, Momma’s Boy, 100% and well, just check out the whole damn album cause it’s that good. Also, watch the music video for Tenderoni below, definitely an interesting one for sure.


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