Where ART thou?

10 Mar

So I was thinking and it’s been a while since I showed the world a little bit of my artwork as well as what kind of awesome stuff is out there. At the beginning of grade 12 I thought it would be a really cool idea to paint my own pair of custom shoes. So after coming up with some cool designs it all came together and some of you may or may not have seen me wearing them in class. Anyways, everyone in my school thought it was pretty awesome and one kid came up to me and asked if I would paint him a pair of shoes, which I’m pretty proud of, not to be an egotistic ass. They are actually displayed at the top of my blog but I thought I would show them off in their full glory.

Also, I thought I would browse around the web, see what kinds of shoe art other people are doing and I came across this one in particular. It’s really awesome, mostly because I love everything Batman and the artist decided to paint a pair of Nike hi-tops dedicated to the Joker. The art itself is amazingly well done and while it may seem a kind of cluttered everything that has been put onto it is very well placed. The old school cartoon Joker in the bottom left is also a really awesome throwback to childhood. Props to the artists over at Pimpmykicks.com for a job well done.


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